The world is my country

29 Oct

‘HOPE’ is the seed that sprouts and finds its way to the limitless potential that an individual posse to grow and make itself into a tree whose mighty shade can help others draw inspiration and foster humanity in the society.

For inculcating the sense of justice and for building peace in our hearts it is required that the education that is imparted has to be based on developing the character value. It should give a platform where there can be growth in terms intellectual, imagination and also in values that can give them a sense of purpose as to how they can work for the people around them. They should know that everyone around them irrespective of the differences belong the common humanity.

We humans are dependable organism and our inter-dependence is a sign that we all our connected. The strong empathy that we feel if there is a terrorist attack, natural disaster or any humanitarian  crisis in any part of the world shows that we have the strong capability to stand with each other at the time of crisis. We really have to work together keeping world peace as our goal but working at our own respective places in every small and big way we can contribute. We can start with having dialogue with our fellow citizens and to develop strong bond of friendship and really develop our social capital.

The communication we all have in day to day basis should be the starting ground of our actions it should be filled with encouragement and hope. The power that positive words can have can really give the person a sense of truth and trust. This will help building a strong solidarity among the individuals in the society.

The level of corruption and social injustice that we see our society around us seeing everyday is because the leaders or the people at the top ranks have forgotten that this world is not the place to suffice their greed. The disparities and inequalities that groups of people face sometimes make them rebel and the rebel turns catastrophic to both parties in the conflict.

Every party that is in conflict thinks that they are the advocates of good and right and the opposite party is the upholder of bad and evil. The crisis of central Asia has its root cause on the atrocities done on the in the past which is taking the course of armed rebellion and the world is facing the threat of international terrorism.

It is not always that people only retaliate but there are exemplary examples like Malala, Nelson Mandela, and Gandhi who have shown that the people who have seen the worst have the potential to give back to the world the best.

All the people need is someone to hear to them the isolation of an individual or any nation or any particular group of people from the whole world can make them feel that they are not wanted which gives rise to anger and aggression. So there should be a strong communication on the basis of the shared religion of humanity and to listen to the woes of others and find a way of solving their problems can give them the path of working together  for the good of the humanity.

If I  have something  more  that others then it my moral duty to share with others may it be my freedom, capital, justice, or the happy life that I live. To think oneself as a global citizen and have a strong sense of global nationalism is going to do wonders if all the 7 billion can think in the same way then the change is not far behind. But we have to do it together

Quote 6 Oct

PEACE starts with our own self. When I struggle and overcome my own demons in the depth. I am determined to fight the demons in the world.

Quote 6 Oct

The number of people we can truly trust comes down as age advances.
But we can always build ourselves as a person who is in others book of trust.

16 Sep

People will judge you…
They will trash you..
They will doubt you…
They will crush you…
You have to be human and just say to your self..

16 Sep

If it hurts… it will heal.
If it breaks… it will fix.
If it falls… it will rise.
If it destroys… it will make.
Trust the light glowing at the end of the tunnel.. we have to travel the dark path to reach there… don’t be claustrophobic and give up on your way….

16 Sep

Being all alone and feeling the pain that can rip your heart out, it is a very difficult experience.
Trust yourself and be your own best friend, appreciate ,forgive and enjoy yourself.
You are a hero of your life 😆😆


15 Sep

There will be days that you just want to give up

there will be days where you feel irritated and all odds are against you

there will be days where from traffic to office everyone is yelling

there will be days when you will shout from your inner core ” I want silence”

there will be days where you find your self all alone in the crowd

there will be days when the wounds on your heart bleed trough the tears of your eyes

there will be days when you will just ask “Why me”.

there will be days that you can only see hopelessness and helplessness

there will be days where you are always looked down upon

there will be days where your failures tend to kill you

there will be nights where you can’t stop crying

there will be nights where the only thing you want to do is lament and repent

there will be nights where the sleep in your eyes are occupied by worries and heartbreaks

there will be nights where doing self harm will seem a better option than any other

there will be nights when the darkness inside is more horrifying that you are not frightened by the black night

THEN there will be dawn that breaks these

There will be days you feel hopeful and joy

there will be days that you just want to smile despite your circumstances for others

there will be days where happiness is the only thing you will see around you

there will be days you will feel empowered and determined to fight

there will be days where you enjoy the gift of life

there will be days you feel compassionate and will forgive your self

there will be days where your wishes will come true and you will enjoy the light of the day

there will be days you will encourage everyone around you and show courage from your life

there will be days where your laughter sound is fills the whole room

There will be nights where you are sharing your desires and dreams with your best friend or soul mate

there will be nights where you scream seeing horror movies but you are happiest from inside

there will be nights where you cannot sleep because you have so much to share and smile upon

there will be nights where you sleep being thankful for every thing you have

there will be nights where peace from inside is what complements with the stars of the sky.