Sacrifice can explain all the work that your close ones have done for you by giving u more importance than themselves. A sacrifice of all the mothers is the best way to explain the the meaning of the word .Not every one has that heart to give away for the sake of others happiness ….

The crack is a blessing…

The crack in a dark room is what helps the light to enter. It is that light which with the dust particles shine like a star.. it is the crack in the heart that helps us know ourselves, to discover to what level we can survive.

We have endless possibility in our lives only if we are ready to forgive ourselves and others and run towards our goals.

Change the lense

The lenses that we wear today not on our eyes but on our minds. What is it that stops us from being a human and seeing the truth, that we all are connected with an invisible thread. I can push, pull and snatch it, the person can fall down but still grab on to it….

The world is my country

‘HOPE’ is the seed that sprouts and finds its way to the limitless potential that an individual posse to grow and make itself into a tree whose mighty shade can help others draw inspiration and foster humanity in the society. For inculcating the sense of justice and for building peace in our hearts it is…

PEACE starts with our own self. When I struggle and overcome my own demons in the depth. I am determined to fight the demons in the world. FIGHT FIRST STARTS WITHIN  YOU AND ME

The number of people we can truly trust comes down as age advances. But we can always build ourselves as a person who is in others book of trust.

People will judge you… They will trash you.. They will doubt you… They will crush you… You have to be human and just say to your self.. I AM DEFINED BY WHAT I THINK OF MYSELF NOT WHAT OTHERS THINK OF  ME.

If it hurts… it will heal. If it breaks… it will fix. If it falls… it will rise. If it destroys… it will make. Trust the light glowing at the end of the tunnel.. we have to travel the dark path to reach there… don’t be claustrophobic and give up on your way….

Being all alone and feeling the pain that can rip your heart out, it is a very difficult experience. Trust yourself and be your own best friend, appreciate ,forgive and enjoy yourself. You are a hero of your life 😆😆


There will be days that you just want to give up there will be days where you feel irritated and all odds are against you there will be days where from traffic to office everyone is yelling there will be days when you will shout from your inner core ” I want silence” there will…

Refugee is the crisis of all humanity.

Sleeping on the cozy bed of our bedroom, having a great sip of morning tea  and looking at the newspaper and going through it. The horrifying and chilling sights of the refugees just gives me a cold chills down my throat. A child body washed ashore to the eyes of the father who is gripping…